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HOW TO DEAL WITH SOFTWARE LEGACIES Technological progress offers opportunities for better work. Faster processes, more transparent structures through user-friendly design and higher safety standards are just some of the potentials that can be realised with modern software. Companies therefore often have to ask themselves the question: Continue to use old software or dare to […]


PLEA FOR INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIP AND OPEN STANDARDS The digitisation of the industry continues to gather pace. Anyone following the developments in the PropTech sector has noticed an increasing number of reports of new cooperations and partnerships within the recent year. Mostly it is two companies integrating their solutions or services or connecting them via an […]

Paperless document processing in Asset Management

Even as digitisation continues, asset management companies still face a flood of documents. After all, a large asset manager receives up to 500,000 analogue and digital documents annually. To effectively manage this mass, intelligent, paperless document processing plays a central role in asset management. It is a decisive success factor for performance and is also […]

Digital Document Management

Asset managers have to make important strategic decisions every day, react quickly and act with foresight. The key to successful asset management – is information. Despite all digitisation efforts: the important and correct information is still mostly found in documents. The problem: This information is still mostly available on paper. And even if digitised documents […]

The journey towards the ‘digital Asset’

Displaying an asset one-to-one on a digital platform and thus turning it into a transparent trading object, this is the idea behind the concept of ‘digital asset’. Real estate documentation can already be completely digitised today. The effect: centralised and accurate documentation, easy access for all parties involved – even mobile. Significantly reduced communication volume […]