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We manage your documents
While you manage your assets

Achieve first-class documentation, gain 30% more time, and secure higher transaction prices with our digital asset management solutions.

Architrave is trusted by

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How we support asset managers

Transaction-ready in minutes, not months

With a clean doc stack, you’re ready to transact instantly while your competition is still buried under paperwork.

Achieve total document order

Missing or late documents can result in up to a 15% purchase price reduction. Never risk these fees again.

Free up 30%
more time

30% of a working day is spent searching for information. With clean, centralised, searchable docs, you find what you need, instantly–and make a huge cost saving.

Four products for each stage in the asset lifecycle

From digitising your docs to selling your assets, find the solution to match your needs.
AV Onboard

Transform your paperwork into a digital, duplicate-free, document stack

Unlock the simplicity of the paperless office by digitising and organising your paper documents with AV Onboard.
AV Operate

Store, manage, and optimise your docs from a single dashboard

Achieve 100% visibility of your asset portfolio, collaborate seamlessly, and access the docs you need in seconds with AV Operate.

“The Architrave system has made our documents easier to find, improving efficiency and agility, essential in the current market”

Will Siddall, Head of Data & Analytics, SEGRO

AV Automate

Use our AI-powered document processor to get more out of your assets

Never manually sort your documents again with AV Automate’s AI which extracts, classifies, names, and files your docs.
AV Transact

All your docs, in one place, ready to transact

Reduce your email traffic, avoid purchase price discounts, and close deals in a matter of minutes with AV Transact.

Check the health of
your documentation

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