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PropTech is moving at lighting speed and we are evolving along with it to create the best solutions for the industry.

Maurice Grassau, CEO
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Our history

Architrave was created in 2012 by Maurice Grassau in order to respond to the needs of the real estate sector. To bring about a platform that does more than just manage assets, but is able to extract, process and sort through thousands of documents and give them structure.
Maurice Grassau

Maurice Grassau

Rainer Ohst

Rainer Ohst

Ashley Smallwood

Ashley Smallwood

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Our goal

Our goal is simple: to make the real estate industry more transparent and efficient by introducing genuinely digital processes.

In order to achieve this goal, a solution must be presented that allows for massive data management while creating an ordered structure for the piles of documents that come along with it. All while being secure, fast, efficient and GDPR compliant.

On our journey to accomplish this goal, we have been dependent on a highly experienced and dedicated team paired with an extensive industry network, all led by a visionary mindset. To bring forth a real estate DMS that goes above and beyond to deliver much needed solutions for every step of your sector wide digitisation strategy.

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