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AV Automate

Outsource all manual documentation to our AI-powered document processor

AV Automate uses AI to extract, classify, name, and file your documents automatically. Available as an AV Operate add-on or as an API.

130 documents

Can be produced by an asset per day

386 international
document classes

Are recognised by AV Automate

2.5 trillion bytes

Of data are produced daily

Organised docs? It’s as easy as drag and drop

Simply drag and drop your docs into AV Operate and let AV Automate’s AI-driven software classify, name, and structure your documents.

Automated, first-class documentation means higher purchase prices

Whether in use with AV Operate or a different DMS, AV Automate matches the correct documents to the right folder with pinpoint precision.

“For our team, AV Automate means a lighter workload with more time to focus on higher value business activities”

Inga Kühn, Head of Business Transformation, BEOS AG

Powered by AI, verified by humans

Outsource you work securely and reliably. All data extracted by AV Automate is double-checked by our team of asset document experts, ensuring your data is error-free.

Stay in your familiar working environment

Available as an upgrade to AV Operate or as a stand-alone API, AV Automate’s API can seamlessly integrate with your existing DMS (i.e. FileNet, or Microsoft Sharepoint).

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Unlock the power of AI with
AV Automate

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